davejones   DAVE JONES – Senior Research Analyst, KSBI

“Working with the Java 8 Parallel Streaming APIs”

This talk will cover programming with the new Java 8 Parallel Streaming APIs, including other related Java 8 features, such as Java’s implementation of higher order functions for streams and a bit of functional programming.  It will also include comparisons with alternative approaches, demonstrating the ability of the recent Oracle JVMs to fully utilize modern multi-core processors.  Finally, if time permits, a comparison will be made between the performance of the Oracle JVM and the performance of the Erlang VM in parallel processing situations.


 SARAUV  AGARWAL – PhD Candidate, Texas A&M Aerospace

“The Decade of the Drone”

This talk will focus on the recent history of the drones – How they work, applications in industry and for personal use, the “next frontier” for drones, and finally how to go about building one for yourself.