Date(s) - 10/16/19
12:00 am - 2:00 am

Grand Stafford Theater

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Matt Sherman & Caprock Custom Applications :: Business Community to Jobbertunity: The Creation of a Marketplace for Skills & Services

Matt Sherman, founder, and CEO of Jobbertunity Inc. believes that everyone who has the desire to start a business should have the opportunity to try.  With Jobbertunity he is working to lower the barriers to entrepreneurship for everyone.  Matt previously worked in green technology, real estate, and the nonprofit sector running a business incubator for teenagers.  Originally from Philadelphia, PA, he currently resides in Bryan, Texas with his wife Jane and two children, Robbie and Anna.  Although Matt sometimes misses a good cheesesteak, he now calls Texas home. To go from “Hey yous guys!” to “Howdy yall!” and earn his “Texan Card,” Matt wore out a pair of cowboy boots, shot a bunch of guns at the range with his church group, and came in second place in a brisket cookoff.

Artificial Intelligence and automation are disrupting industries left and right. The future of work is uncertain.  While the gig economy offers flexible working hours;  it is also commodifying human capital and depressing wages.  If corporations have the same rights as people, shouldn’t people also have the same rights as corporations?  When the robots take our jobs; will we all be artists?  Entrepreneurship offers a path forward in an ever more uncertain world. A difficult path, but also a rewarding path.  Most people’s careers used to look like a rat race or climbing a corporate ladder.  Now they look like a hero’s journey, with some mix of working full-time, part-time, gap years, retraining,  freelancing, collaboration, employment, unemployment, and entrepreneurship,  Career paths are non-linear and the industry you start off in has a good chance of not existing by the time you get to retirement.  This is a good thing.  Embrace the uncertainty. Go on the hero’s journey. Start a business.  Figure out how you fit in and how to make people happy.  Come to the Software Developer’s Cartel where Matt UI/UX designer of Jobbertunity & the development team from Caprock Custom Applications will give you a look under the hood.  We will show you how we built our little app that stands on cloud giants and is poised to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.