Date(s) - 05/22/19
12:00 am - 2:00 am

Grand Stafford Theater

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Ed Grannan :: Introduction to Agile with Scrum

The introduction to Agile with scrum is a high-level overview of the Agile manifesto and guiding principles. The overview also dives a little deeper into the Scrum methodology with guidance on format, implementation, and deliverables. This presentation is for anyone whom would like to learn how to manage a project of any type utilizing the Agile with Scrum methodology.

Ed is an experienced Project Mentor specializing in the Software Development Life Cycle process. Ed has assisted multiple organizations develop repeatable, sustainable and time/cost effective SDLC, QA, and delivery processes. Ed has over 30 years experience in Hardware/Software Test and Quality Assurance. He has supported projects in a variety of industries to include Department of Defense, travel, automotive, insurance and financial. Ed has several years of experience in setup up Software Quality Assurance and Test groups, practices and processes from the ground up for both start up and established companies. He has is a CSP with the Agile Alliance and a PSM with

Tom Peck :: NoSQL Databases

NoSQL, or non-relational, databases are very popular these days. How do they work? What are they good for? How can they scale so well? Is SQL obsolete? Tom will answer these questions and more in this talk about when and how to use a NoSQL database in your application.
Tom is a software developer with over 30 years experience building commercial software applications. He currently works on software for monitoring enterprise data centers.