Date(s) - 02/15/22
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Grand Stafford Theater


Connor Riely: NFTs and the Metaverse – We already live in the Metaverse, you just do not know it….yet!

Connor Riely, current student at Virginia Common Wealth University and Founder/President of VCU Blockchain Club.  CEO & Founder – Crypto Solutions & Advisory LLC – help clients navigate the blockchain ecosystem

Connor Riely : NFTs and the Metaverse

Digital Realities are nothing new. Everyday humans make use of technology that connects us across all kinds of geographic barriers. The internet today as we know it is controlled and owned by big tech. Blockchain is changing that. It is allowing the end users and consumers to control the internet of value in a trustless and transparent fashion.

NFTs are only limited by the imagination. They are a buzz word and hard to wrap your head around using mainstream definitions, but by taking a different perspective, they are a very simple thing. The idea of non-fungibility is nothing new as well. With the implementation of blockchain, we can now own internet native things.